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Australia: Steve Wozniac slams price gouging on Apple products Down Under


Apple Store employees cheer during the grand opening of the Apple Store Porta di Roma on April 21 in Rome.


Paolo Bruno

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak agrees with the longheld complaint Down Under that Australians shouldn't have to pay more for technology goods that cost much less in the United States.

His comments, made on ABC radio during a speaking tour of Australia, came ahead of a federal government inquiry into why tech giants like Apple, Microsoft and Adobe charge Australians more for goods such as music, TV and game downloads from iTunes than overseas customers, the SMH reported.

“We shouldn’t have boundaries between countries,” Wozniak told ABC, adding that import tax may be to blame partly.

Transportation costs should not be a factor, Wozniak said, as you could "ship anything anywhere in the world for almost nothing nowadays."

In Australia, the cheapest unlocked iPhone 4S model costs 799 Australian dollars, while it costs the equivalent of only 642 Australian dollars in the US.

Digital content on iTunes is also more expensive.

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Meanwhile, asked if Apple technology risked becoming a victim of its own success by becoming uncool, "The Woz" — as he is known to tech fans around the world — according to, said: 

"Apple a victim of its own success? You could have asked that at any point along the way.

"Of course there's always a chance — and there's also a chance that it will become twice as successful because of its success."

He added: "I've never seen the Apple brand tarnished in all the time, even when the company was doing poorly.

"That's what's holding it up — it's like a savings account. So I don't think that question can ever say, 'Oh yeah, we're just going to get so used to it because everybody has Apple'.

"No, because it's so good."

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