For our Geo Quiz – keep one foot on the ground at all times! Athletes from more than 60 nations are competing in the World Race Walking Cup this weekend. Don't laugh, race walking's an Olympic sport. We're looking for the Russian city that's hosting this weekend's World Cup races. It's the capital of the Russian republic of Mordovia. It's a 400 mile train ride from Moscow to reach this city located at the confluence of the Saranka and Insar Rivers. This weekend crowds will line a course that loops around the city, as the race walkers "waddle" by. The IAAF World Race Walking Cup is happening this weekend in Saransk, the capital of the Russian region of Mordovia. Dave McGovern is head coach of the US race walking team. So what's going through the heads of the athletes who've traveled to Saransk to compete. Listen to husband and wife race walkers Tim and Rachel Seaman:

  • Rachel and Tim Seam in Saransk, Russia (Photo: Tim Seaman)

  • IAAF World Race Walking Cup, Sarinsk, Russia (Photo: IAAF)

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