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Giant ocean blob mystery may be solved


A mysterious giant ocean blob is likely a Deepstaria enigmatica, says a jellyfish expert.



At the end of the 1958 film "The Blob," the gelatinous alien killer is eventually captured and dropped into the Arctic by a military plane.

Well, it's back.

A giant ocean blob has been spotted by an oil company's cameras off the coast of the United Kingdom.

The video was added about two weeks ago to Youtube.

The camera appears to be checking underwater pipes before it focuses on a nearby jelly-like blob that moves across the screen.

The camera follows the blob as it pulsates, expands and floats like a glowing plastic bag.

According to CBC, many experts have weighed in on the video suggesting that it is possibly a giant jellyfish, a whale placenta or a huge piece of plastic.

Fox News reported Friday that a jellyfish expert says it is Deepstaria enigmatica, a jellyfish native to the south Atlantic Ocean that was discovered in 1967.