Australian commuters witness mystery money shower


A photograph sent in by a FoxFM listener as proof that he picked up thousands of dollars during a mystery money shower in Melbourne.



MELBOURNE, Australia -- Rush-hour motorists in the south-eastern Australian city of Melbourne have reported a "confetti-like" shower of bank notes.

According to The Age newspaper, an estimated $22,000 in $100 and $50 bills rained onto the Western Ring Rd at about 6.30pm on Thursday evening.

"It was like driving through a cloud of confetti," one man told local FoxFM. "There was so much in my face I couldn’t see anything in front of me . . . I thought it was all fake. I pulled over and found about $300 within two steps."

About seven other motorists stopped to collect the cash, he says.

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Another driver, Daniella Laganga, 28, told the Herald Sun that she also saw "rectangular notes flying through the air" but didn't realize it was money.

"But even if I knew it was money I don’t know if I would have stopped. I would have been scared," she is quoted as saying.

7News reports that police are investigating the reports, but said that no money had been handed in so far.  A spokeswoman warned that anyone who took the money could face charges of theft if they fail to take the reasonable steps to locate its owner by handing it in.

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