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Zuckerberg's hoodie shakes up Wall St. (VIDEO)


Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivers the opening keynote address at the f8 Developer Conference April 21, 2010 in San Francisco, California.


Justin Sullivan

Mark Zuckerberg is known for two things: Inventing Facebook, and loving hoodies. 

It is the latter that has been getting him into trouble. 

Earlier this week Zuckerberg showed up to a meeting on Wall Street with potential investors wearing his signature look.

Instead of focusing on the potiential sky high IPO, Michael Pachter, an analyst for Wedbush Securities, said he couldn't stop staring at Zuckerberg's sweatshirt. 

Pachter told Bloomberg TV, "Mark and his signature hoodie: He’s actually showing investors he doesn’t care that much; he’s going to be him. I think that’s a mark of immaturity. I think that he has to realize he’s bringing investors in as a new constituency right now, and I think he’s got to show them the respect that they deserve because he’s asking them for their money.”

Bloomberg made the obvious connection between Zuckerberg and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. They both were and are exceptionally smart buisness people, even if they aren't smart dressers. Zuckerberg's hoodie, is Jobs' black turtleneck.

Does it matter what Zuckerberg wears in the boardroom? The Washington Post noted that while Pachter doesn't see the point in non-conformity, others see it as, "the badge of an entrepreneur who isn’t going to change his ways just because his company is going public and he’s about to make a bazillion dollars."

Pachter further lamented to Bloomberg that because of the way Zuckerberg dresses, he may be more, "well-suited to be the chief product officer, the chief user-experience officer, to manage the design of the user interface, to decide every feature that goes in.”

CNN quoted Tech blogger Om Malik, who did not mince words on his feelings towards Pachter. He said, "This analyst is smoking stuff that is outside the realm of legality. Now if you were looking for a problem with Zuckerberg's hoodie, then you should see it for what it really is: a fashion abomination."

However columnist Shel Israel agreed with Pachter that Zuckerberg should step down, however not because of his hoodie. "I too have suggested that Zuckerberg could not grow into the job as rapidly as he would need to," Israel said. "I once wrote an open letter suggesting he step down . But my concerns are what’s under his hood, not the hood itself."

Facebook had no comment for the story. It's safe to assume that once you are named Time's Person of the Year, you probably stop caring about what people say about your outfit. 

Here are a few Twitter reactions Zuckerberg's hoodie. 

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