Why isn't banking in the US this much fun?
Credit: Screen grab

Collecting grossly inappropriate Eastern European advertisements is one of my long-time hobbies.

Yes, it is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, but hey, it’s more fun than collecting stamps.

You may remember the billboard I saw in Slovakia last year.

It featured a nude woman with no pubic hair with a slogan that read: “Have you been neglecting your front year lately?”

It was, naturally, an ad for a hardware store.

Well, I think I can top that one today.

Straight from prime time Czech television comes this gem:

A young woman on the screen is having an orgasm for about ten seconds. You are not sure what’s happening. Has my TV accidentally switched to a German porn channel?

No, no, no.

Shortly, you find out it’s an ad for banking. For student accounts, to be precise.

The message is this: You wish your “first time” was as good as your first bank account.

The bank account package, by the way, is called G2. Students thus have their own banking G-spot in each branch of Komercni banka. Quite handy, eh?

The ad comes (literally) in two variations. One features a woman.

The other one features a man:

And, I must admit, they do look like they are enjoying their transactions very much.

I have got to talk to my bank about upgrading my package. I had no idea banking has evolved so much in the last few years.

See, the Wall Street guys aren't completely useless.

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