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Newspaper sneaks fake bomb into Olympic village


Armed police officers patrol the Olympic Park


Michael Steele

The inadequacies of the Olympic security detail are now in full display after a construction worker was able to sneak a fake bomb into the Olympic park. 

According to Newser, The Sun employed an Olympic park construction worker to help test the security systems. They gave the man a fake bomb to smuggle in, however it turns out he could have simply left it in plain sight. Said Newser, "The worker informed the Sun that he was allowed to enter and exit the site in his digger without security checks."

The Sun reported the worker actually contacted them, claiming to be extremely worried about the lax security around the games. He told The Sun, “I’ve worked for several years on the Olympic Park and keep hearing how the security is water-tight. But after a thorough check every morning, I can come and go from the Park all the day with my digger without being searched at all." He continued by calling it a, "massive security loophole."

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The Sun contacted the Home Office regarding their findings, to which they responded, “LOCOG (the Games organizers) are responsible for the security of the Olympic Park. We have asked them to look into this incident and report back to the Home Secretary urgently.”

More than $1.5 billion is being spent on security for the London Olympics, according to Newser.

Security expert and Tory MP Patrick Mercer told The Sun, “This is exactly the sort of tactic used by the IRA in the past. I had hoped that we had learned our lessons. I trust this loophole will now be closed.” 

According to The Guardian, the British government has ordered the organizers of the Games to investigate the incident.

LOCOG has since thanked The Sun for their findings. 

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