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Australian Sky News presenter James Bracey caught making lewd gesture off camera? (VIDEO)


Australian Sky News presenter James Bracey insists he was coughing and not mimicking oral sex when the camera unexpectedly cut back to him.


Sky News

It was 9.45am during Australia's Sky News Sportsline program.

Sports journalist Jim Wilson was giving a rundown of the National Rugby League and then the camera cut to presenter James Bracey.

What was he doing?

"Bracey's hand was in a loosely clenched fist moving back and forth in front of his mouth," Nine News reports, in what could be a "salacious simulation."

However, Sky News has been quick to respond, insisting that Bracey was merely coughing and had been suffering from coughing fits all morning, according to The Australian.

The Courier Mail says Wilson confirmed Bracey had been coughing immediately prior and during the cross.

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However, the conversation continued on Twitter.

The 27-year-old presenter tweeted: “Caught LIVE on air today coughing my guts up. Looked like I was making a rude gesture about my mate Jim Wilson. Priceless #notmyproudestmoment.”

But, not all Tweeters are convinced. "James Bracey must thing we're all idiots" @ahleach said, with another, @mrchriswagner joking: "That's not a cough, mate".

So, genuine cough or cheeky gesture?  Here's the footage so you can decide for yourself.