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Falling bear of Colorado killed by car (VIDEO)

The black bear made famous by a photograph of him falling from a tree, has died. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, the bear was killed early Thursday when it was hit by two cars on US route 36.

The bear's original fame came from a single photograph taken by University of Colorado student, Andy Duann as the bear fell from a tree after being tranqualized by wildlife officials. 

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MSNBC reported the 3-year-old, 280 pound bear, was relocated to a wilderness area about 50 miles west of Boulder. 

According to the Daily Camera, the bear was first hit by a 1992 Toyota Camry, the second was a 2002 Ford Focus driven by Kyle Broeder.

Gary Broeder, Kyle's father, told the Daily Camera, "He saw (the first car) move over to the right with flashers on, and he moved over to the left lane and that's when he hit the bear. "It was in the middle of the road."

Jennifer Churhill, spokeswoman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, also told the Daily Camera, "It's a bummer. It's so hard to go through this and not be able to give these bears a good place to live. The community sees relocating bears as a kind of perfect solution, and unfortunately it's a really difficult proposition." 

Falling Bear in Colo. Campus Photo Killed by Car
by associatedpress 

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