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Kindle Fire is the fruitcake of tablets



Emmanuel Dunand

This morning, this headline came via Bloomberg (via @Jackbeckman):

Amazon Tablet Share Fell to Just Over 4% 1Q Vs 16.8% in 4Q: IDC

That's quite a big market share collapse!

I observed that it must mean that the Amazon Tablet (the Kindle Fire) is something people will buy as a gift over the holidays, but won't buy themselves to actually use.

When people are buying tablets for themselves, they buy Apple's iPad.

It sounds like a joke, but it's actually consistent with what others observe.

Our Jay Yarow owns an iPad, but bought two Kindle Fires as gifts for relatives.

Matt Miller of Bloomberg said the same thing on Twitter.

So did Market Plunger on Twitter.

So that's quite a trend. People will buy the Kindle Fire over the holidays as gifts, but don't buy them during non-gift seasons.

The Kindle Fire is the fruitcake of tablets.

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