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Chainsaw, machete used in Australian neighborhood dispute


High-density housing in Sydney, Australia.

An Australian man attacked a neighbor with a chainsaw and had his finger hacked off by a machete in return during a neighborhood dispute over loud music and erratic driving.

Australia's ABC News cited police inspector Dean Smith as saying the pair had argued earlier in the day.

"One party has been attacked with a chainsaw and as a result he's sustained the injury to his right arm," he said.

"Then the offender who had the chainsaw was then attacked with a machete and he subsequently lost his finger.

"Any kind of incident that involves any kind of weapons, there's no justification for that kind of level of violence.

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"Where people start arming themselves with chainsaws and other weapons, it's certainly a concern for the police."

The man attacked with the chainsaw, Mark Jorgensen, 29, was rushed to hospital with his arm nearly severed, The Sydney Morning Herald reported

Doctors are attempting to reattach it but might have to amputate, ABC wrote.

The other man, named as Troy Thornton, 26, who lost a finger in the dispute was attacked with a samurai sword, his sister Nicole told the media.

Thornton's mother, Wendy Halls, told the SMH that it had been a traumatic few months for the family.

Thornton, a father of two, normally lives in Queensland but was in Sydney for the funeral of his sister's partner, Peter Reinhardt.

According to the SMH, Reinhardt's boat overturned on the Nepean River in March.

As his wife kept a waterside vigil on the river with her newborn baby, the couple's Londonderry home was robbed, with the thieves taking jewelery, cash and a gun.

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