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Blind Chinese Dissident, Chen Guangcheng, Leaves US Embassy

Chen Guangcheng left the US embassy in Beijing on Wednesday.

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The Chinese dissident was escorted to a hospital by the US ambassador, Gary Locke.

Chen had been sheltered at the embassy for six days, after escaping from house arrest.

But there is confusion over what will happen to the blind lawyer next.

Initially it was reported that some kind of deal was struck between China and the United States and Chen.

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who's in Beijing, said the deal "reflected his choices and our values," and that Chen left the embassy under an agreement in which he would receive medical care, be reunited with his family and allowed to attend university in a safe place.

But now Chen says he wants to leave the country, saying his family has received death threats.

It's not clear what will happen now.

Host Marco Werman talks with The World's Mary Kay Magistad about the latest.

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    Chen Guangcheng in a video he released last week (Photo: YouTube Screengrab)

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    Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng is still waiting for a passport.