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Taiwan beauty pageant asks contestants to not fool around with married men


Mantin kept a room decorated in feminine Louis XV furniture for his married lover, Louise Aliere.


Barry Neild

Worried that a beauty pageant contestant is trying to steal your man? If she wants to be in the Miss Globalcity Taiwan Pageant, you're safe, at least according to the pageant organizers.

Each woman participating in the Miss Globalcity Taiwan Pageant is now required to sign a pledge confirming that she is not a "home wrecker," the Associated Foreign Press reported

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"Beginning this year, each contestant must sign a declaration honestly stating she hasn't been in any extramarital affairs," Fifi Chang, organizer of the Miss Globalcity Taiwan Pageant, told the AFP. Anyone who violates the pledge will be disqualified.

The pageant is the country's largest home-grown beauty contest, BBC News reported. The news comes amid growing public concern in Taiwan about extramarital affairs. 

A popular Taiwanese television show recently featured a story line about a mistress tearing a family apart, according to the BBC.

And the public was shocked after Taiwanese Major League Baseball player Chien-Ming Wang, one of Taiwan's most famous celebrities, was caught cheating on his wife by a local tabloid. He held a news conference about the affair last week, the Washington Post reported

"Many girls think it's OK to be a mistress, because young people nowadays want whatever they desire. They don't think about the consequences," Chang, the pageant organizer, told the BBC.