Roméo Langlois: French journalist shot in left arm, FARC responsible for his life (VIDEO)


Colombia has moved aggressively to combat the FARC rebels.



France said on Monday it held FARC rebels responsible for the life of Roméo Langlois, calling on the group to release him immediately.

Colombia launched an appeal to the FARC rebels yesterday, asking them not to harm the French journalist who France said has been kidnapped by the leftist rebels, according to Agence France-Presse. Langlois, a 35-year-old reporter for news channel France 24, was taken by the Colombian guerilla group while accompanying government troops when a gunfight broke out with the FARCs on Saturday.

"We have indicated to the FARC that they are responsible for his life," French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe told Reuters today. But Colombia has not yet confirmed the kidnapping.

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Colombian Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon said it appeared Langlois decided to remove his helmet and bulletproof vest during the firefight, then headed toward the FARC while identifying himself as a civilian, reported the Associated Press.

"That's all the information we have about him. We don't know for sure at this moment what happened to him," Pinzon said during a briefing, according to the AP. "Someone who was with him up until the last moment told me that at one point Roméo was hit by a bullet in his left arm."

Langlois suffered a bullet wound to his left arm during the firefight, reported the AP. Four others were killed and six were wounded.