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Fragile Earth app shows effects of global warming


A new app called Fragile Earth uses before and after photos to show effects of climate change.


Scott Olson

A new app by Collins Geo shows the impact of climate change on the planet using before and after satellite images from around the globe.

The Fragile Earth app for the iPhone and iPad shows the impact of global warming on 70 sites such as melting glaciers, drought-ridden deserts and destruction caused by severe weather.

"We don't necessarily put an opinion on it," said Jethro Lennox, head of publishing at Collins Geo, a division of Harper Collins UK, the company that created the app told Reuters.

"We're just trying to visually portray some of the geographical features and changes around the world."

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The app not only shows the immediate effects of global warming but also how urbanization, such as the construction of Dubai, or natural disasters, such as the Japan tsunami, altered local environments.

According to Red Orbit, Fragile Earth is an extension of a book released by the publishing company under the same name in 2006.

The app will be updated regularly with new visual materials.

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