A Peruvian pelican. (Photo: Jens Tobiska/Wikipedia)

For the Geo Quiz, we are heading to South America. Peru to be specific. If we glance at the map of South America, we can see its long Pacific coastline. Chile's coastline stretches out nearly 4,000 miles, following a line that is roughly parallel to the southern Andes. But we want you to tell us how long is Peru's Pacific coast. Its beachfront extends from the city of La Paz in the south all the way up to the northern region of Lambayeque. 1,500 miles is the answer to the Geo Quiz. That is the distance of Peru's coastline and there have been some troubling sights up along the northern part of this coast. Hundreds of dead dolphins washed up on the beaches there in recent months and now in the past few days, dead pelicans have been found in the very same area. Anchor Marco Werman talks to Stefan Austermuhle, a marine biologist with the Peruvian conservation group Mundo Azul or Blue World.

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