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'Sea monster' fossil found in Kentucky


"Godzillus" fossil found in Kentucky has scientists baffled.


Kazuhiro Nogi

A mysterious fossil found in Kentucky last year has stumped researchers who have reconstructed what looks like a sea monster.

The 150-pound fossil is over six feet long and three feet wide, reported the Associated Press.

It is said to be about 450 million years old.

"It's really got us baffled as to just how it looked when alive," said David Meyer of the University of Cincinnati geology department, reported LiveScience

"My initial thought was an algal mat on the sea bottom, and then it got deformed somehow into these funny shapes and then preserved."

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Scientists met last week in Dayton, Ohio to look at the reconstructed fossil pieces.

The fossil was discovered by Ron Fine of Dayton, who is a member of a group of amateur paleontologists called the "Dry Dredgers."

Fox News said that researchers are still trying to find out what to call the new find.

"Godzillus" is the first choice.