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Kate Middleton: Pregnancy rumors swirl for the Duke and Duchess (VIDEO)


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge attend a Reception For The Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race at Goldsmiths Hall on April 26, 2012 in London, England, where their interactions with a newborn added fuel to their pregnancy rumors.


Tim Whitby

The rumor mills are churning with speculation about a pregnancy for Duchess Kate Middleton and Duke William, after the couple was filmed and photographed cooing over a newborn at a friend's party on Wednesday, the Daily Beast reported

As the royal pair's April 29th one-year anniversary approaches, there has been the usual buzz over the couple's plans to procreate, and their meeting with three-week-old Hugo Eric Scott Vicary — the son of Vic Vicary, who recreated the race to the Antarctic that took place 100 years ago, trekking to the South Pole in the footsteps of Captain Scott — has only added fuel to the fire, the Daily Beast reported. 

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Vicary called William, who held the baby in his arms, a "natural" with children, according to the Daily Beast.

"Kate said the baby was 'very cute' and had doting eyes on him," said Vicary. "The Duke liked the name; he thought it was very apt."

However, while the couple is highly attuned to the messages that photographs and footage of them send, there does not seem to be a baby on the immediate horizon, as US Weekly pointed out.

The Duchess of Cambridge was sipping sherry at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration last month, and will be taking a ski vacation with William as well, US reported. 

However, many are betting on the arrival of a royal baby next year. 

"William is believed to be talking of making 2013 the year for him and his wife, so if Kate doesn’t already have a royal bun in the oven, next year may be the year," British newspaper The Mirror reported. "Plus the Queen has apparently already given them her blessing to create another heir to the throne… so no pressure then." 

The pregnancy rumors began in November, when the Duchess refused peanut paste during a visit to Denmark, US Weekly reported. While Kate is not allergic to peanuts, it is often recommended that pregnant women avoid peanut products to prevent allergies in their offspring. 

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In particular, watching their friends become parents "does help" boost William and Kate's decision to have children, a source close to the family told People Magazine, whose cover story this week focuses on the couple's one-year anniversary. 

Though sources say the couple is not pregnant or planning to announce a pregnancy, "they will let nature and life take its course," a royal source told People.