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India: Can Ravi Kailas set up 5,000 MW worth of wind turbines in 5 years?

Forbes India has a compelling article on a serial entrepreneur who aims to become India's biggest player in wind energy in just five short years by installing 5,000 megawatts in capacity across the country.

To give you a little perspective, that's 10 times the amount that China Light & Power (CLP), the current leader, has installed over the last five years, the magazine writes.

Entrepreneur Ravi Kailas stumbled on the wind energy business in 2008, when, according to Forbes:

What he found in the sector was surprising. India’s wind energy potential is about 80,000 MW; 15,000 MW is already installed on the ground. But there was not a single large IPP [independent power producer] in the business. “Countries like Spain have several listed wind entities, but in India it is close to nil. Compare this to about 20 listed thermal companies. And in the next 10 years, wind as an industry will add something like 50,000 MW. That’s a mainstream number,” says Kailas.

Note: That also means Kailas' company, Mytrah Energy, aims to build 10 percent of that capacity himself over the next five years.

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