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Update: Arunachal Pradesh dams threaten whitewater

Roland Stevenson sent in the following comment on Part 4 of my series on India's plans to build some 150 dams in Arunachal Pradesh, clarifying that his Indian partner, Nino Dai, does the heavy lifting for their rafting company, RiverIndia.  I'd planned to meet Nino and interview him for the series, but he was up in the mountains doing some work to promote whitewater rafting with local tourism officials, and the road to meet him was blocked by snow.  

Here's Roland:

I didn't see a reference to Nino Dai in the article. He's as much or more a part of RiverIndia than I am, and that is the foundational principle on which the company is based- a locally-based river tourism industry with conservation at its heart. I have chosen not to be paid for any of the work I've done with RiverIndia, and have donated my investment and whatever profits might be made to the company as well, in the hopes that Nino will be able to build something with it. He's put a lot of work in, and I do feel a bit guilty standing in the limelight without him. If I've missed some reference to him, I apologize. I'm sure the article is published and past the editorial phase, but I wanted to mention that.


Incidentally, RiverIndia is based out of Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh, not Delhi or the States, so when these guys say local, they mean local.