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India: Delhi to force women bikers to wear helmets, too


The Delhi Hight Court ordered that all women riding scooters and motorcycles will have to wear helmets in two months time, putting an end to a decade-long debate centering on the health and safety ramifications of the bad hair day.

Yep. That's right: Previously only guys were forced to wear helmets.

According to the Calcutta Telegraph, the court passed the order after hearing a public interest litigation that challenged a provision in the Delhi Motor Vehicles Rules that made the helmet rule optional for women.

As it turns out, it wasn't really the fear of bad hair behind the double-standard, though, the Telegraph writes. 

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 states that every person driving or riding a two-wheeler must wear a helmet but exempts Sikhs who wear turbans from the rule.

Following demands from Sikh women, the Delhi government in 1999 exempted all women from wearing helmets. Officials explained that the exemption was granted to all women because it was not possible to verify by appearance who was a Sikh and who wasn’t.

Apparently, Sikhs who wear turbans are still exempt.