Awn Khasawneh, Jordan PM, abruptly resigns


Jordan's Awn Khasawneh speaking to reporters in Amman on April 9, 2012. Khasawneh resigned from his post as prime minister today.


Khalil Mazraawi

Jordan's Prime Minister Awn Khasawneh abruptly submitted his resignation in absentia today, reported Reuters.

King Abdullah II quickly installed Fayez Tarawneh in the post, instructing the US-educated former prime minister to help form a new government, according to Agence-France Press

Khasawneh's last six months in office saw growing hostility from the country's security services, with Islamist politician Zaki Bani Rusheid telling Reuters that today's development means their conflict "has been resolved in favor of the security services."

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The 62-year-old, who served as an advisor for the country's landmark 1994 peace treaty with Israel, was brought on in October to satisfy reforms demanded by a swelling anti-government movement inspired protests gripping the Arab world, said Reuters.

However, Khasawneh's proposed election law quickly turned controversial, with Islamist opposition figures denouncing it as too restrictive and tribal-leaning lawmakers arguing that it gave Islamists too much sway, according to Reuters.

The reason for Khasawneh's resignation -- which the International Court of Justice judge submitted from Turkey -- was not immediately clear, said AFP

Jordan's monarch has promised to implement key political reforms, but analysts say he is limited by the tribal factions that constitute his main power base, reported AFP

The country is set to hold parliamentary elections later this year.