‘Sick’ thief steals artwork from children's hospital


Police issued this photo of a suspect wanted after nine pieces of art were stolen from Toronto Sick Kids hospital.


Toronto Police Service

A thief who escaped in a Mercedes-Benz stole $9,000 worth of artwork hanging on the walls where Toronto’s sickest children are treated, CBC News reported.

Police issued two photos of the suspect today captured from surveillance video.

They show a clean-cut young man pushing a cart loaded with nine, 18-by-18 prints through the halls of Toronto Sick Kids hospital.

“On April 19th, a man walked into the Hospital for Sick Kids and, simply, he stole nine 18-by-18 framed prints from the wall,” Const. Tony Vella told CBC.

The prints hung in the Burton Wing of the hospital featuring letters of the alphabet and common hospital instruments, the Toronto Sun said.

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Artist Darren Rigo said he needed a year to complete the art.

“I’d never think that anything like that would ever happen,” Rigo told the Sun. “I just hope they get them back.”

Toronto police have copies of the artwork on their website.

Rigo said he was stunned at the brazen nature of the crime, CBC said.

"I'm pretty sure they were bolted to the wall," he said.

Rigo said each piece is worth between $800 and $1,000.

It appears Toronto hospitals are dealing with a mini-crime wave, the Sun said.

In the last two months, thieves have installed skimming devices on ATMs, stole a nurse’s bike and robbed patients and staffers.

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