Jay Z and Kanye West song used in ad for French presidential candidate (VIDEO)


A video supporting French presidential hopeful Hollande uses Jay Z and Kanye West song 'N**gas in Paris' to connect to suburban French youth.



A recently released campaign ad by French presidential candidate Francois Hollande shows him visiting France's rougher suburbs over a soundtrack of the Jay Z and Kanye West song 'N**gas in Paris.'

The clip uses the song over images of the socialist candidate Hollande visiting poorer French suburbs in an attempt to highlight his understanding of a multicultural French society using a more "raw" format.

It is still unclear whether the video has been approved by Hollande or it was simply created by supporters calling themselves by a Twitter hashtag #2H12CREW.

Hollande defeated French president Sarkozy in France’s recent elections but must face him in a runoff vote on May 6.

Unlike Hollande, Sarkozy has had an uneasy relationship with France's immigrant-heavy poorer suburbs, said MTV.

According to Time, as interior minister under French President Chirac, Sarkozy threatened to clean one riotous neighborhood of thugs ('racaille') with a high-pressure hose.

Hollande currently enjoys about a 12-point lead in the polls.