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IndoPak: Pakistan tests missile after India launch

By all rights India's Agni V missile launch shouldn't start an Asian arms race, since India still lags far behind China in both conventional and nuclear capabilities and has long had the ability to strike anywhere in Pakistan.  But apparently, Islamabad wasn't listening.

Yep, Pakistan successfully launched an upgraded ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead of its own Wednesday, even though India's Agni V was designed to hit targets much further away than Islamabad or Rawalpindi, the Associated Press reports.

It looks like Pakistan is doing a little catching up of its own, matching India's ability to strike anywhere in Pakistan with its own missile capable of striking anywhere in India.

But even if it's true that a nuclear war between India and Pakistan would result in a global famine -- apart from the other loss of life -- I wouldn't panic.  The guys with their fingers on the button are a lot less trigger happy than they're made out to be by the sometimes Orientalist governments of the west.