Chatter: Rupert Murdoch grilled at phone-hacking inquiry




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Need to know:

Rupert Murdoch is testifying at a UK inquiry into media ethics, established as a result of the phone-hacking scandal at his now defunct News of the World tabloid.

The News Corp. boss revealed details of meetings with senior UK politicians, but denied trying to influence Margaret Thatcher, and said he has "never asked a prime minister for anything."

Evidence from his son James Murdoch about close family ties with the highest levels of the British government has led to calls for a cabinet minister to resign.

Murdoch's grilling at the Leveson Inquiry continues tomorrow. 

Want to know:

The son of disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai has defended his lifestyle in a letter to the Harvard Crimson newspaper.

Bo Guagua, 24, said he was "deeply concerned about his family," and denied he was a bad student. He also explained how his education at Oxford and Harvard University had been funded.

The whereabouts of his father, until recently tipped for a top Communist Party position, are unknown. His mother is being investigated in connection with the death of British national Neil Heywood.

Bo Xilai's downfall has been China's biggest political scandal in years. Bo Guagua has gone in hiding amid rumors he might seek asylum in the United States.

Dull but important:

Pakistan appears to have joined this month's missile test-firing club, following on the heels of rival India and pariah nation North Korea.

Military officials in Pakistan said they have successfully test fired a nuclear-capable, intermediate-range ballistic missile, described as a step up from earlier Shaheen missiles.

Pakistan and India are known for conducting regular tit-for-tat missile tests.

Just because:

The infamous "Kony 2012" viral video doesn't seem to have inspired soldiers on the front line of the search for Joseph Kony.

Ugandan foot soldiers hunting for the Lord's Resistance Army leader are growing disillusioned and bored after years of searching, according to a report.

Ugandan army officials say Kony is alive and hiding somewhere in the Central African Republic, but many soldiers question whether they would ever know if he died.

Kony is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and crimes against humanity for allegedly kidnapping children to use as soldiers and sex slaves.

Strange but true:

The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas has done it again. 

It was no real surprise when a customer fell ill while eating the 6,000-calorie "Triple Bypass Burger" and had to be wheeled out by emergency workers. But now the restaurant has had its second customer collapse in two months: a woman was hospitalized after eating a "Double Bypass Burger." 

The restaurant also serves a "Quadruple Bypass Burger," which has four half-pound patties and eight slices of processed cheese - and a whopping 9,983 calories. 

Instant death, by the sound of things. And perhaps a chance at future ignominy as a Darwin Awards winner.