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Tiago Klimeck, Brazilian actor, dies after accidental hanging


Penitents recreate the Passion of the Christ in Brasilia, Brazil, on Good Friday. Tiago Klimeck, a Brazilian actor, accidentally hanged himself while staging a suicide as Judas on Good Friday in 2012 and was taken off life support on April 22, 2012.



Tiago Klimeck, a Brazilian actor, died on Monday after he accidentally hung himself while acting as Judas in a play, according to the BBC.

The accident happened on Good Friday in the town of Itarare, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Klimeck was supposed to stage a suicide during a production of Passion of Christ, according to The Huffington Post UK.

The HuffPost said the safety vest which Klimeck wore under the robe reportedly rose up around his neck, strangling him.

Klimeck was hanging for four minutes before the other performers realized that something had gone wrong, said the BBC. He was taken to the hospital, suffering from cerebral hypoxia.

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The Telegraph reported that Klimeck, 27, was in a coma from the time of the accident until his death on Sunday.

The BBC reported that Santa Casa de Itapeva hospital confirmed that Klimeck died on Sunday and said an autopsy would take place on Monday.

The incident is under investigation by local police said The HuffPost, adding that many photographs of Klimeck's motionless body were taken and circulated online.

According to The Telegraph, The Passion of Christ is performed annually across Brazil, with the biggest show in Pernambuco attracting thousands.

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