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Cow in Canada declared world's greatest milker


In 15 years Smurf the Holstein cow has produced a record-breaking 478,167 pounds of milk, more than six times the average.



A cow from a farm near the Canadian capital Ottawa has set a new world record for the most milk produced in a lifetime.

'Gillette Emperor Smurf' has produced 478,167 pounds of milk in her 15-year lifetime, beating the previous record set by Michigan cow 'Tacoma Mark My-Word' in 2006, according to the Daily Herd.

AFP says that the Holstein cow has produced more than six times the average amount of milk produced by a cow in a lifetime, and she's still yielding.

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The news agency adds that it had contacted the Guinness World Records and confirmed the record.

“For us, it’s kind of like winning the Stanley Cup,” her owner Eric Patenaude, a farmer from Embrun, Ontario, is quoted as saying by The Ottawa Citizen.

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Eric Patenaude's uncle Louis also praised Smurf.  “Smurf you can’t compare to any other cow. She's the queen," he reportedly said.

An article in Canada's Daily Star jokes: "She is the crème de la crème. With the equivalent of a million glasses of milk to her credit, Smurf churns it out unlike any udder."

The newspaper explains that Smurf is about 105 in human terms, and is expecting her 11th calf next month, despite having already lived more than twice as long as the average cow.