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South Korean Christians pray in protest at Lady Gaga gig


A South Korean Protestant church group is accusing pop singer Lady Gaga of "spreading an unhealthy sexual culture".


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A group of conservative South Korean Christians is holding a prayer meeting to protest against a Lady Gaga gig to be held in the capital Seoul next Friday.

AFP says that 300 members of a Protestant group called the Alliance for Sound Culture In Sexuality were planning to attend the group prayer.

"We will pray to God that the concert will not be realized so that homosexuality and pornography will not spread around the country," organizer Kang Ju-Hyun told the news agency.

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The Alliance has posted signs accusing Lady Gaga of "spreading unhealthy sexual culture" around Seoul, and is hoping other church groups will join their protest.

Lady Gaga arrived  in South Korea on Friday, where she will kick off her "Born This Way Ball" tour on Apr. 27, the Vancouver Sun reports.

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Earlier this month, the Korean Association of Church Communication issued a statement opposing the concert, according to The Times.

It quoted a statement as saying: “Our Christian community needs concerted action to stop young people from being infected with homosexuality and pornography.”

Meanwhile a New York Times article reported that hundreds of fans were disappointed when South Korea's Media Rating Board had put a ban on children of under 18 attending the show. 

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