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NJ teacher allegedly tells 7-year-old she's 'too sexy' for gym class


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A New Jersey substitute teacher has been suspended after allegedly telling a seven-year-old girl that she was "too sexy" to take gym.

ABC News reported the girl's father, Henry Wilson, has since filed a harassment complaint against the teacher, Marco Inskip with local police.

The Associated Press wrote that Wilson said he filed the complaint because doesn't want him working at another school.

The girl told teachers about the comments afterward in the cafeteria but was too embarrassed to say the word "sexy," said the school district's Superintendent John Gilly, according to ABC News.

Wilson explained that "she took it as a regular bad word... and was just upset that she was cursed out so to speak by a teacher."

Inskip denied saying the second-grader was "too sexy," and said he called her "cute." He has been suspended from teaching in the district.

"Even though he did admit that he said 'cute,' not 'sexy,' at this point it didn't matter," said Gilly. "We decided to cut the losses... and say you are finished with us."

CBS New York reported another parent complained about Inskip using a curse word around her child.

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