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Amsterdam train crash: 68-year-old woman is first to die from injuries (Video)


This aerial photo released today shows two trains which collided Saturday in Amsterdam.



Described as one of the worst in modern Dutch history, Saturday’s train crash in Amsterdam has so far cost the life of at least one person, according to The Associated Press.

A double-decker train and a local commuter train collided head on near an Amsterdam park yesterday, injuring over 120 people, of whom at least 51 were seriously or very seriously injured, Dutch authorities said at the time.

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The woman who died today was 68 years old and Mayor Eberhard van der Laan offered his condolences to her family, according to the AP. The mayor also said 16 seriously injured people remained hospitalized 24 hours after the incident.

Britain's Daily Telegraph produced this video report on the aftermath of the crash:

The AP had reported earlier today that black-box recorders were being studied as part of an investigation into the causes of the crash. National railroad director Bert Meerstadt told reporters he would not speculate as to what happened.

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However Radio Netherlands reported that it was confirmed that both trains were indeed traveling on the same track when the crash occurred. Marion Gout of the infrastructure company ProRail was quoted as saying that Saturday had been “a black day for the Netherlands’ railways.”