Netherlands train crash leaves over a hundred injured near Amsterdam


The point of today's collision is seen in this still image taken from video published by the Dutch news television broadcaster AT5.

A head-on train collision in Amsterdam today has left over 120 people injured, at least 51 of them seriously or “very seriously,” according to The Associated Press.

According to the AP, national police spokesman Ed Kraszewski told the broadcaster AT5 that victims had suffered broken bones and neck injuries. The AP said teams of ambulances were scurrying to and from the crash site near an Amsterdam park.

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According to the AFP news agency, the accident happened at around 6:30 local time this evening. The collision occurred between a high-speed train and a local train leaving Amsterdam.

The AP quoted Kraszewski as saying that spacious carriages on one of the trains likely allowed for impact injuries.

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"We assume many people were thrown around the train by the crash; against walls, seats and other people," he said.

AT5 video of the train wrecks can be seen here.