Greece: Pro-bailout parties likely to form another coalition


Protesters clash with riot police in Athens on Feb. 10.


Aris Messinis

Greece's two ruling parties, and the only major parties that support the international bailout deal, have surged in the polls in recent days, indicating that a coalition government may hold during the May 6 general election.

According to Bloomberg, the surveys were from three daily newspapers published Friday and showed that the number of parties that will be elected to parliament will increase from five to 10.

Currently, the right-leaning New Democracy Party and left-leaning PASOK party - both parties having ruled Greece for 40 years - form a coalition government under the former central bank chief Lucas Papademos.

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One poll in the newspaper Ethnos, said that New Democracy could win about 22 percent or 108 seats in parliament with PASOK winning just under 18 percent or 47 seats, said Reuters.

Others polls in Ta Nea and Eleftheros Typos, found similar results but a slightly stronger lead for New Democracy.

There have been worries that extremist parties have gained popularity as austerity measures squeeze Greek households.

Golden Dawn, a neo-Nazi sympathizing party that has been linked to violent attacks against immigrants, may garner enough support for a seat in parliament.

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A 2009 Greek law bans the publication of opinon polls less than 15 days before any election in the country.

According to the Economist, whichever party wins, there will not likely be an end to austerity measures that most Greeks oppose.

By June the new government must agree to another 11 billion euros in spending cuts for 2013-14, while GDP will fall by five percent this year, the magazine reported.