Brazil widens cannibalism probe to 5 more deaths


A man walks along Brazil's Botafogo beach on April 10, 2012.



A man, his wife and his mistress were arrested last week for allegedly killing two women and eating their body parts.

Now police say the three may have murdered another five people in northeastern Brazil, saying they "suffered the same fate," according to the Associated Press

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Police spokesman Carlos Leite said investigators believe four of the women were murdered in Pernambuco, the other in nearby Paraiba.

Last week, the remains of two women were discovered in the city of Garanhuns.

The group is thought to have used the flesh of those killed to make empanadas that they sold to neighbors.

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CNN reported that the three suspects 51-year-old Jorge Beltrao Negroponte, his wife, Cristina da Silveira, and his mistress, Bruna da Silva-- were arrested Wednesday and have confessed to the crimes according to local police.

Negroponte told Brazil's SBT Television from jail "I did certain things for purification, to protect people and deliver them to God."

He admitted that they did eat the women's flesh but said it was "to purify them." According to CNN, police said two women went to the house looking for jobs as a nannies.

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