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World's first cloned transgenic sheep made in China


Chinese scientists created a lamb out of a simplified cloning technique that could make tailored animals on an industrial scale.


Peter Macdiarmid

Chinese researchers say that they have created the world's first cloned sheep using a process called "handmade cloning."

The cloned sheep, named "Peng Peng," was born in late March by a cloning process that is more simplified and lower cost than regular cloning, said UPI.

"His birth weight was 5.74 kg." said professor Yutao Du, Director of BGI Ark Biotechnology Co., according to Phys Org.

"Peng Peng is developing normally and appears healthy" she added.

Researchers at the institute, which is affiliated with Shihezi University in Xinjiang, believe that the new cloning technique may lead to cloning on an industrial scale.

"The most difficult task has been accomplished, the transgenic sheep production platform is established, we are ready for the industrial-scale development," Yutao said, according to UPI.

The technique has already been used to create pigs, goats and buffalos.

There is hope that cloning animals will allow for better meats and furs that can be tailored through genetic modification, said Science Codex.

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