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South Korea deploys missiles capable of hitting any target in North Korea


South Korean protesters set fire to a mock North Korean missile carrying an effigy of the country's leader Kim Jong-Un last Friday when Pyongyang admitted that its long-range rocket launch had failed.



South Korea said today it had deployed missiles that could hit any target in North Korea, amid growing tensions in the region, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The announcement came after North Korea’s failed rocket launch last week that the United States and its allies condemned as a cover for developing ballistic missiles, the New York Times reported.

"If we are strong, (North Korea) cannot make provocations," President Lee Myung-bak was quoted by the Yonhap News Agency saying. 

“North Korea makes provocations when we are weak.”

Video footage of one of the missiles hitting its target during a test launch was shown to domestic defense reporters today, the Korea Joongang Daily reported.

“This cruise missile can attack a target as small as a window located hundreds of kilometers away,” Shin Won-sik, a defense ministry, told the media briefing.

“We can attack any military target precisely, including North Korea’s facilities, soldiers or equipment.”

A day before Seoul unveiled the missiles, Pyongyang warned it would “wage an uninterrupted all-army and all-people sacred war to wipe out the Lee Myung-bak group of traitors, the sworn enemy with whom the nation can never live under the same sky,” North Korean Central News Agency reported.

The West has condemned North Korea’s missile launch, which Pyongyang said was meant to put a satellite into orbit.

The UN Security Council said it was deplorable and the United States has canceled a food aid deal with Pyongyang.