A Great White Shark is seen in the Indian Ocean near the town of Gans Bay on July 8, 2010 in Gansbaai, South Africa.
Credit: Ryan Pierce

Two fisherman in Mexico's Sea of Cortez, off Baja California, were in for quite a surprise when they yanked on the nets they had dropped the night before. All they expected to find was a net full of small fish.

Instead, the men found that a "tiburón blanco enorme," or great white shark, was caught in their tiny net. Milenio News, which reported the catch in Spanish, said they noted an "unusual" weight on their net before realizing what had happened. The shark was dead, so they dragged it ashore.

A tourism forum published photos of the catch. 

"It took us about an hour to get to the coast," said Guadalupe Baltazar. "Then others met us and we started to pull it out of the water."

Baltazar said he had never seen an animal so large in his life.

GrindTV said if the reported size of 2,000 pounds and 20 feet long is correct, it could be one of the largest great white sharks ever recorded. 

Patch.com reported that scientists believe that the sharks use the Sea of Cortez, which is protected, as a nursery. Other animals, such as whales, also take advantage of its isolated, bountiful waters. 

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