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India hints at possible solution to China border dispute

India may be softening its position on its long-running border dispute with China, suggesting that a solution may be emerging, the BBC reports.

The news channel quoted retired General JJ Singh, who is now governor of Arunachal Pradesh, as saying that India will have to abandon its position that the border is non-negotiable in order to end the dispute, some fifty years after India and China fought a month-long war. China considers parts of Arunachal Pradesh to be South Tibet, though it is currently occupied by India.

"It is important to solve the India-China border dispute and for that some give and take is necessary," the BBC quoted General Singh as saying. "India will have to move away from our position that our territory is non-negotiable." 

The news channel said specialists feel that he was hinting at India accepting some of the Chinese positions on the disputed Himalayan border and vice-versa.