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Michael Paxton claims Texas police came to wrong house, killed his dog (VIDEO)


A Texas man wants answers after he says Austin police shot and killed his dog, Cisco, during a bungled response to a domestic disturbance call.

A Texas man says police shot and killed his dog after showing up to the wrong address on a domestic disturbance call.

Michael Paxton wants answers following the bungled call Saturday afternoon, Austin TV station KXAN reported.

Paxton told MSNBC was playing in his backyard with his 7-year-old Australian cattle dog, Cisco, when the officer arrived and ordered him to put his hands up. The dog was shot within seconds.

According to a police report obtained by Austin TV station KEYE, the officer claimed he felt threatened by the dog.

"The dog he reported came at him in an aggressive manner, and he chose to use deadly force," Austin police Sgt. David Daniels told KEYE.

But Paxton said that isn't true.

"The dog ran to his feet, he lowered his aim and shot the dog and raised his aim back up at me and told me to get back," he told KEYE. "My dog never made a move to attack him other than the challenging him and barking. He ran to his feet."

Paxton told KEYE he doesn't expect the officer to be fired, but wants some disciplinary action taken.

He's created a Facebook page called "Justice for Cisco."

Cop kills dog while at wrong address: