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The Doolittle Raid of 1942


A B-25 taking off from Hornet for the raid.

For the Geo Quiz, we are heading to the Pacific Ocean. That is where, 70 years ago Wednesday, the Doolittle Raid got underway.

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The surprise US air attack on Japan was launched from the USS Hornet.

The bombers headed for the island of Honshu with the mission of attacking military targets in Japan's capital and four other cities.

And we are asking you to name any of the Japanese cities that came under attack on this day in 1942.

Kobe, Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokosuka and Yokohama are the answer to the Geo Quiz.

One of the original Doolittle Raiders still remembers details of what happened during the surprise attack launched from the USS Hornet about 600 miles off the coast of Japan as The World's David Leveille reports.