Insurgents Strike in Heart of Kabul, Testing Readiness of Afghan Troops

A militant attack in a heavily fortified district of Kabul, Afghanistan, ended on Monday, 18 hours after it began.

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Shafiullah Afghan — formerly an official with Afghanistan's police force — tells host Lisa Mullins that Afghan forces worked carefully to repel the attack.

He argues that his country's security forces "did a very great job with their quick response, with this great number of insurgents."

"It's not easy to stop people like 'suiciders' who are ready to be killed," Shafiullah Afghan says. "They are in groups. One blows himself up and lets the others into the situation. "

Shafiullah Afghan admits that without NATO help, Afghan forces would have had a difficult time pushing back the insurgents.

NATO Blackhawk helicopters ran seven strafing runs to dislodge the Taliban fighters.

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    Afghan Special Forces climb the outside of a building to dislodge insurgents. (Photo: BBC News)