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IndoPak: Planned Indian dams heighten Kashmir tensions


A Kashmiri muslim rides his boat in a Dal Lake in Srinagar on April 11, 2012. India's plans to build dams in Kashmir are heightening tensions with Pakistan, which views fears the structures will allow India to cut off its water supply at will.



India's efforts to build dams in Jammu & Kashmir are heightening tensions with Pakistan, Time reports.

Experts say that Pakistan's water shortages have nothing to do with India, and that India has never moved to interfere with Pakistan's water supply. But that's not the way Pakistan sees it, the magazine argues.

"Unfortunately, we are going towards conflict and not conflict resolution," Time quotes Kamal Majidulla, Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani's special assistant on water resources and agriculture, as saying. 

That said, though the rhetoric has sometimes grown heated few believe India and Pakistan will actually go to war over the water disputes, the magazine concludes.

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