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Australian toddler left home alone for days with body of dead mother


A young child and her mother pictured on October 31, 2010 in Sydney, Australia.


Mark Kolbe

A 2-year-old Australian girl was left for up to five days alone with her dead mother's body in the country town of Wagga Wagga, possibly surviving on leftover Easter eggs.

When found, toddler Lucy Keevers was in a serious condition, suffering from dehydration, Ambulance Inspector Eamonn Purcell said, according to the Australian Associated Press.

"She wasn't right, she was really dehydrated and lethargic," Purcell reportedly said.

"She had a high pulse, low blood pressure and she was in shock.

"Paramedics applied fluids and she was worked on pretty hard there for a little while."

"Even when they stuck a needle in her she didn't blink," Purcell was quoted by the Murdoch media as saying. "I think she was within hours of death herself."

He added, however, that her blood sugar levels were good, saying: "It was not long after Easter so she probably had some chocolate eggs that she was eating."

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The Australian newspaper wrote that the town in the state of New South Wales, was in shock town since the toddler was discovered near her 36-year-old mother Liz's body on Friday.  

Liz Keevers is thought to have suffered an epileptic fit and died in the lounge room.

A neighbor quoted by The Australian, Kim Beaumont, said she had seen Keevers last Tuesday, adding that she wished she'd checked on her sooner.

"I saw her taking washing off the line just three days before, and when I saw some of the washing was still up there I thought of knocking on her door," she said.

Keevers was "a wonderful woman and a fantastic mum" who was often seen taking her little girl to play groups.

She was also a member of the local Church of Christ.

Her daughter was in hospital surrounded by family and friends, and had been placed in the care of the Department of Community Services.

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