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Cop hitches a ride on bus windshield


Lt. Nguyen Manh Phan’s grabbed the front of this moving bus after the driver refused to provide papers after getting caught driving in the wrong lane.



He might be watching too many bad Hollywood cop movies, because an officer in Vietnam grabbed the windshield wiper of a moving bus when the driver tried to flee a ticket, The Associated Press reported.

Lt. Nguyen Manh Phan’s harrowing ride – which lasted almost two minutes and reached speeds of 30 mph – was all caught on video and posted to YouTube.

In the video, the officer yells, “Call the police!” as passing drivers honk their horns.

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The driver – 37-year-old Phung Hong Phuong – was allegedly driving in the wrong lane, said.

The incident happened on Monday in Hanoi.

Phuon, who was driving a 39-passenger bus, refused to produce his license and insurance, jumped back on the bus and sped away.

The driver admitted he spent four years in jail for running over and killing a person in 2006, said.

Phuon stopped the bus when he realized more police officers and passersby were chasing him, VN Express reported.

Once he stopped, police had to prevent witnesses from trying to attack Phuon, who faces charges of endangering a police officer.

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