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Six puppies found in Ohio man's suitcase


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Don Emmert

A man in Ohio is accused of storing a litter of English bulldog puppies in his suitcase. He now faces charges of animal abandonment. 

According to investigators, the suspect zipped six puppies into a suitcase and left it next to a trash bin. He almost got away with abandoning the dogs. But he forgot to remove a luggage tag that had his name on it, the Associated Press reported

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The mother of the puppies also helped crack the crime. The mother, who was not zipped inside the suitcase, paced around outside of it, attracting the attention of a passerby, Reuters reported.

The suspect, Howard Davis of Toledo, told authorities that he gave the dogs to a friend and that the suitcase had been stolen. Davis is charged with a second degree misdemeanor, which carries a maximum $750 fine and 90 days in jail, Reuters said. 

The four-week-old puppies are in good shape, the AP reported.

John Dinon, the Toledo Area Humane Society's executive director, said that the Humane Society provides legal ways for people to get rid of unwanted pets.

"Anyone who can't take care of any animal can come here and we will work with you," Dinon told Reuters.