Paul Cézanne - "The Boy in the Red Vest" Oil on canvas. ca. 1888/90.

Today's Geo Quiz isn't a movie yet but if it were, you could call it 'The Serbian Job'. Here's the plot: Back in the the 1890"²s, painter Paul Cézanne was in Paris. One of his impressionist paintings depicted a boy dressed in a red vest. Many years later, the painting became the prized possession of a private museum in Zurich, Switzerland — but four years ago it was stolen. The trail went cold. Until now, when Serbian police announced they've recovered "The Boy in The Red Vest". Now here's the Quiz: can you name the two cities where Serbian police busted the suspected art thieves? One's easy — it's the capital of Serbia. The other is a central city, about 100 miles to the south of the capital, in the Morava River valley. The answer: Serbian police conducted raids in Belgrade and the central city of Cacak. Journalist Aleksandar Vasovic in Belgrade tells anchor Marco Werman about the investigation that led to the recovery of the Cézanne.

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