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Obama's Colombian White House


US President Barack Obama



A diehard Colombian fan of Barack Obama has turned his home into the "White House" in hopes of welcoming the US president with a gift when he attends a summit in nearby Cartagena this weekend. According to Agence France-Presse, Silvio Carrasquilla, an Afro-Colombian and former mayor of the northern town of Turbaco, said he'd like to give Obama a young donkey named Demo.

Demo "has already been given all its vaccinations and is small enough to fit in Air Force One," Carrasquilla said earlier today.

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Other locals of Turbaco organized a massive donkey-back ride Wednesday, reported Colombia Reports. More than 50 donkeys from the tiny town took part in the ride to demand international media attention for the Colombians' invitation to the US president, which they have been making for years.

Turbaco has made headlines for Obama madness a number of times before, according to Colombia Reports. During Obama's 2008 campaign for the presidency, Carrasquilla built a Democratic Party election campaign center in the town to offer international support to the then-candidate. There was even a mirror election held, which Obama won with a 1000-vote advantage over his then-opponent John McCain.

In August 2009, the town also celebrated Obama's 48th birthday with another donkey, mariachis, two cakes with the US flag on it and a portrait of Obama to be given as a gift.