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Saggy pants: Alabama man LaMarcus Ramsey jailed for contempt of court for low-hanging trousers


Two youths wear their pants with the underwear showing in April, 2009 in Riviera Beach, Florida. Palm Beach Circuit Judge Paul Moyle had recently ruled that a Riviera Beach city law banning sagging pants is unconstitutional in the case of a 17-year-old who was arrested and held overnight in jail for breaking the law.


Joe Raedle

The South’s saggy pants controversy shows no sign of abating.

An Alabama man was today jailed for three days after showing up in court to enter a plea while wearing his pants far below his waist, according to The Montgomery Advertiser.

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LaMarcus D Ramsey, 20, was preparing to answer a charge of receiving stolen property in Autauga County Circuit Court when the judge cut him short, The Advertiser reported.

"You are in contempt of court because you showed your butt in court,” Judge John Bush, described as “visibly irate,” was quoted as saying. “You can spend three days in jail. When you get out you can buy pants that fit, or at least get a belt to hold up your pants so your underwear doesn’t show.”

Judge Bush ordered Ramsey held for three days in the Augusta Metro jail, the newspaper said.

According to The Associated Press, Judge Bush said the man’s attire was contrary to the dignity and decorum necessary to good court administration.

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"To me it's not any different than if someone stood up in court and started cussing everybody out," Judge Bush was quoted as saying. "It's disrespectful conduct and I think as judges we're expected to at least have some degree of control and respect for the courtroom the people have given us charge of."

The AP said calls to Ramsey's lawyer were not immediately answered.