Placehacking: Scaling the Building Towering Above London's Skyline

For the Geo Quiz, we are looking for a place that stands out in London's skyline.

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It is a glassy, triangular building that rises up more than 1,000 feet, enough to make it the tallest building in the European Union.

The architect says he was inspired by the Venetian painter Canaletto and the masts of the clipper ships.

The Shard or Shard London Bridge is the answer to the Geo Quiz.

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Bradley Garrett, cultural geographer, who climbed at the top of the Shard

  • climberCarousel.jpg

    Bradley L. Garrett climbing down the Shard after reaching the top. (Photo:


    Bradley L. Garrett

  • Legacy-620.jpg

    Bradley Garrett atop the Legacy Tower in Chicago. (Photo: Bradley Garrett)