Obama, Romney fighting over women, money (VIDEO)


Women watch as Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaks on April 11, 2012, in Hartford, Conn. Romney spoke at Alpha Graphics in Hartford and was to attend a small business meeting in Warwick, R.I.


Spencer Platt

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney wasted little time taking shots at each other less than 24 hours after it appeared they would fight for the White House this fall.

After Rick Santorum’s withdrawal from the Republican nomination on Tuesday, Romney accused the president of compounding America’s financial woes, CNN reported. 

Obama’s campaign team fired back, releasing a video montage of Romney’s “unforgettable moments” from the GOP nomination campaign.

“Now the president says, ‘Oh, I didn’t cause this recession.’ That’s true,” Romney told women business owners in Deleware today, CNN said. “He just made it worse, and made it last longer; and, because it lasted longer, more and more women lost jobs, such that in his 3 ½ years, 92.3 percent of the people who lost jobs have been women. His failures have hurt women.”

According to Politifact.com, that’s “mostly false.” Romney is picking and choosing his dates and data to reflect the situation Obama inherited when he took office, the website said.

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In reaction, Obama attempted to paint Romney as an elite conservative who would eliminate women’s initiatives, CNN said.

The president's campaign team jumped at news that Romney wouldn't support the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act, which allows women to sue for equal pay in the workplace.

"Anyone who wants to be president of the United States shouldn't have to think about whether they support pursuing every possible avenue to ensuring women get the same pay for the same work as men," a statement from Ledbetter said, according to CNN.

A poll from Washington Post and ABC News said 57 percent of women support Obama over Romney, CNN said.

In the video released on YouTube, Obama’s team highlights Romney quotes such as “corporations are people, too,” and “Planned Parenthood, going to get rid of that.”

The president himself spent the day at the White House comparing his “Buffet Rule” to policies initiated by Republican legend, President Ronald Regan, Reuters said.

The Buffet Rule, named after investor Warren Buffet, calls on the super-rich to pay at least 30 percent income taxes.

“What Ronald Reagan was calling for then is the same thing we’re calling for now – a return to basic fairness,” Obama said, according to Reuters.

The election is Nov. 6.

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